Star Wars Birthday Decorations

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Star Wars Birthday Decorations – When your son says he wants a Star Wars birthday party, that’s serious training! Earlier this year we were at Hollywood Studios and it was actually his first Star Wars performance. He was very happy to meet the characters and watch them in a short performance that they do in the middle of the park during the day.

He later said that he wanted to throw a Star Wars birthday party this year. I’m thinking about how to throw a party this year because I don’t want to have a ton of kids at home anymore. After a few days of thinking, it dawned on me that martial arts is a place for parties. I hope I can find a class that gives short lessons and the kids can go through “Jedi training”.

Star Wars Birthday Decorations

Star Wars Birthday Decorations

We have never practiced martial arts, so I mentioned family martial arts first because they are very close to us. I didn’t even tell him what I wanted. She just explained how to throw these parties and it was true, so sign me up!

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My problem this year, and it’s so dumb, I know, is how I’m decorated. We had family at home that day, so I wanted to decorate here, but it’s hard to go when the party is somewhere else.

Balloons fly for a ton of money. The problem for me is getting them caught. They stick so that it is not so easy to pull the fishing line over the commanding hook. I made two balloon wreaths. One for the house where I could drop it off the night before and the other to take to the Jedi training party.

There were about 60 balloons in one balloon for the house, and this balloon was about 40. There are many “how to’s”, but this one is really simple. I used 3 different sizes and 3 different colors, white, silver and black. Use the balloon pump to blow up as many as possible. FIY…fingers felt so close to the flaws! Do not make it bigger than that. You want them to be almost flat because you will need a little tail at the end of the tie.

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After folding them, you just take two and tie them together. Choose different sizes and colors for the collection and make it completely random. The next thing you need to do is take some fishing line and wrap it around a pair of closed balloons. You repeat this over and over again. Here you can play with the layout to make sure you match the size. Don’t put all the big balloons next to each other or all the small ones.

Must See Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

I wanted the background to be something I could use in both places. I just made a banner and posted it on The downside of choosing to do this is that I had to guess at home on where to place the balloon garland because the banner was going to the party first. My sheet placement could be better if it went more into the banner, but ok.

With two different locations and kids, I thought cupcakes would be the easiest, but I needed to make a smaller cake. A taekwondo instructor helps the birthday children cut the cake with a sword. How cool! For the cupcake toppers I kept it simple and printed/cut with my Cricut.

Once again credit goes to Creative Cakes at Tinley Park for the amazing and delicious cakes and cupcakes. They made our wedding cake and this is now our 6th anniversary cake. I’m trying to decide if I have a favorite and they are so good! You can try and choose if you want by going back to other parties.

Star Wars Birthday Decorations

I can’t take credit for the central idea, it was all Pinterest. We needed heroes because some of them went to the cake. I have vases and glass containers and I also have sand and moss that I simply squeeze lemon juice into… DONE! Characters come from Amazon.

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas & A Wookie Cookie Recipe

Have you ever considered renting a sign for your kids party? Good grief, the cost per hour is ridiculous. As much as I wanted Chewbacca at a Star Wars birthday party (where they didn’t rent him) there was no way I was going to pay $250. The next best thing… rent a suit! There is a costume rental company in Chicago (Chicago Costume Company) and really a tall brother came in handy. Uncle Scott made the perfect Chewbacca!

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The children were given taekwondo lessons for 45 minutes. After class they took a break for food and then it was back to the nerf gun battle and obstacle course. The kids had a blast! Even the birthday child can break the board. We didn’t know it and it happened so fast that we couldn’t get the camera close enough. We have this board as a keepsake 😉 You don’t have to search a galaxy far, far away to find great Star Wars birthday party ideas. The one you love. Find great deals on decorations, birthday cakes, party favors, dessert tables, party games and menu items. Get inspired by these creative ideas and the power of party planning will be with you.

Lightsabers and Star Wars are inseparable, and this printable Star Wars lightsaber cone is a must-have at your Star Wars party. Simply print the template and assemble it before filling it with your guests’ favorite snacks. Popcorn, candy or pretzels.

Create your favorite Star Wars party bags by attaching Star Wars character faces to black gift bags. Fill them with Star Wars stickers, Legos, books and gifts.

Star Wars Birthday Party!

If you really want to wow your party guests, make your own Death Star Cake with an easy recipe that any home cook can make.

Create drama at your Star Wars party with a good and bad dessert table. Adding decorations and themed gifts inspired by both light and dark forces can bring out this conflict between good and evil. Add red and blue and dark and light colors. , including hints of evil characters like Darth Vader and good characters like Yoda can further enhance the contrast.

Go big with an Empire Strikes Back Wars bowling party that combines a bowling theme with Star Wars details. Check out the budget-friendly details for DIY decorations and store-bought gifts.

Star Wars Birthday Decorations

Great Star Wars party activity ideas make for an out-of-this-world experience. Add the Jedi Training Academy to your list with activities like the “Recharge Your Light Saber” Station, “Knock Out the Death Star” Bean Bag, “Battle in the Jedi Bubble Wars” and “Free Hun Solo” from the Jell-O game. . .

Welcome To The Dark Side: Star Wars Party Printables — Merry + Grace Design Co

Layers and layers of cake are baked and combined to create this incredible R2-D2 cake, topped with ganache, buttercream and then pont. Crispy rice treats and more fanciful details make this cake totally edible. What a great cake for a Star Wars party!

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Making Storm Trooper Cupcakes is easier than you think! Using a food grade black marker, add the storm trooper’s facial features to the marshmallow. Add a storm trooper marshmallow as a topper to a white frosted cupcake.

Why send boring bags home when you can at least make your own Star Wars inspired bags? All you need to get started are white gift bags, black sticky foam and a permanent black marker.

The pasta itself is pretty impressive, but these Star Wars pastas are definitely out of this world. Try your hand at decorating R2-D2, Death Star, and Chewbacca-inspired macarons using a basic macaron and royal icing recipe.

Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

Lightsabers are a must at any Star Wars party. The good news is that you can make your own using dollar store pool noodles, duct tape, and electrical tape, it’s super easy.

Make your own with some construction paper and markers or use craft alphabet letters. Be creative with the steps and designs.

Make a batch of Star Wars sugar cookies to represent the main characters from the movie. All you need is a basic sugar cookie recipe and spring stamp cookie cutters. Cool or not, it’s your choice.

Star Wars Birthday Decorations

Save your cardboard boxes and make some cardboard scenes for your next Star Wars party. Get creative by adding tin foil, construction paper, black markers, and glue. Guests can enjoy a treat while watching their favorite episode from the comfort of their aircraft.

I Love Doing All Things Crafty: Star Wars Birthday Party Decor Reveal And Party Wrap Up

Make your own Death Star Pinata for a fun Star Wars party game. It’s a relatively easy process to cover a beach ball with several layers of paper mache and add details with paint.

Today Leah’s buns are amazing. In about 30 minutes, you can make your own Princess Leia headdress for a Jedi princess using a brown headdress, yarn, felt, and a glue gun.

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