Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

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Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations – Showstopping party decorations. Go glam with this fan favorite. This set is Ready-To-Party™. Arrive inflated and assembled. Just unpack and enjoy!

BALLOON BOARD: Color palette: Balloons – red, yellow, orange, blue, green Foil – gold Size: H – approx 30 inches W – approx 40 inches Materials: Balloons – latex and foil COOKIE MONSTER FOIL Color palette: Balloons – cookie monster design Skirt – yellow Finishing: tied to a ribbon and weight Dimensions: H – approx. 6.5ft Material: Balloon – foil ELMO FOIL Color palette: Balloon – Elmo Skirt Design – red Finishing: tied in ribbon and weight Dimensions: H – approx. 6.5ft Materials: Balloon – foil

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

Schedule your delivery at checkout by entering the delivery date and time. All deliveries are made within a 2-hour window and are developed, weighed, assembled and packaged, if applicable, by the delivery driver. Hyowchi Sesame Friends Birthday Party Supplies

Deliveries can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance. We recommend finalizing as soon as possible to reserve your desired time slot.

Delivery and setup times are not guaranteed. Delivery or setup must be scheduled before your event begins. Delivery and setup can come anytime at your chosen time.

Moving or displaying a shipment or setting is subject to availability and may incur additional shipping or setting charges.

Free cancellation within 5 days before the scheduled delivery date, except for flowers. After this time all orders are final and non-refundable.

Mega Sesame Street Birthday Party Supplies Pack For Algeria

Longevity may vary based on temperature, environment, and handling. Balloons should not be left in the bag. Always unpack the balloon upon receipt.

1. Balloons are sensitive. The external environment is not optimal. Heat, direct sunlight, cold air, rain, high humidity and wind can cause popping or deflation

3. will not offer replacement or refund on balloon popping / deflating. cannot take responsibility for damage caused by outdoor installation and decoration. From colorful and whimsical decorations to interactive games and, of course, lots of chocolate cookies. Come jump into the fun atmosphere of the Sesame Street soirée!

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Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

Every year my kids always look forward to choosing their birthday theme (check out all our past parties here!). I love curating and DIYing special days to celebrate. It’s always a fun way to look back at your changing interests as you grow up! My Josie girl was in the thick of her Sesame Street obsession when I started planning her birthday party; I am so excited to bring the characters and energy of Sesame Street to life for them.

Sesame Street Party

Whenever I plan a character birthday party, I’m always inspired by colors and details. More often than not, I skip overtly commercial party decorations in favor of something more subtle and reflected in the details. You will notice Ernie’s bath and rubber duck as our signature drink, Cookie Monster inspired chocolate chip cookies, and cute little googly-eyed party favors so kids can make their own finger puppets.

Sesame Street inspired birthday parties that are fun, bright and colorful! Here are all the DIY details as well as some links to products that bring the whole party together.

She loved the adorable characters so much, I was inspired to make them the centerpiece of the party with an idea for Sesame Street tissue paper pom pom characters I found on Pinterest. These pom pom character faces were my favorite decoration piece at the whole party!

First, I made a larger pom pom so that it would stand out among the colorful balloon wreaths. You can check out the tissue paper pom pom tutorial here to see how to make these big guys (16″-18″) without breaking the bank.

Easy Sesame Street Party Ideas

If you’d rather buy than DIY, I found this XL pom pom option on Amazon in a variety of colors 🙂

I printed the character faces (this whole set is under $5!) and printed the png files on 110 heavy cardstock at Staples. Also includes an svg file if you have a Cricut. I cut out pieces and used floral wire to attach one face to each tissue paper pom.

I love, love, love how they all turned out and they were the most perfect addition to the colorful balloon wreath.

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

Speaking of Staples, I also had a special Sesame Street birthday banner printed there – and guess what? It’s under $10! I passed the $$ posters and banners and decided to try to print an engineer – or blueprint. I’ve heard of people using it to make large size, low cost, prints for decoration, so I’m crossing my fingers that it will work!

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Sesame Street Centerpieces

I used Photoshop (Canva is another option) to add his name to the design and export it as a png. I used the blueprint option to make a 24×36″ print. For the price, I wasn’t expecting 10/10 quality, but I’m happy with how it turned out! The colors are good and the lines are clean. The only real problem I noticed is that the solid green background is not even enough. Overall, it’s perfect for a quick, cheap, DIY personalized birthday sign that will only be used for a few hours.

I cut out the green sign and hung it on the wall with the help of gaffer’s tape, so it’s easy to move.

Planning a Sesame Street birthday party for babies and toddlers is a great way to celebrate with colorful characters, fun activities, and learning too! Here are some ideas to make your party an unforgettable and age-appropriate experience:

Create a playlist of kid-friendly songs from the show, such as “The Elmo Song,” “The Alphabet Song,” or “When You’re Happy and You Know It.” It’s a great way to start a party!

Sesame Street Inspired 9 Inch Lamp Post, Sesame Street Party Favor, Se

Let the kiddos channel their inner Cookie Monster with a cookie decorating station. Serve pre-baked sugar cookies in a variety of shapes, along with colorful frosting and sprinkles (ABC’s are perfect!). They’ll have a blast matching the cookies, and it’s a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills.

Imagine a game inspired by Oscar the Grouch’s love for trash. Use a small trash can or basket from the Dollar Store and have the kids throw out the crumpled newspaper. Assign point values ​​to different trash cans, and the kids take turns throwing out the “trash.”

For small groups, consider setting up a sensory station. Fill containers with different textures and materials for little ones to explore; including cups and spoons for scooping and pouring. Add small characters for imaginative play. Set up colorful homemade toys for kids to create their own characters. Fill sensory bins with colored rice, large buttons, or feathers. If you’re going out, a rubber duck in the water is a fun option!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

We hope you enjoy seeing Jojo Sesame Street’s birthday! Follow us on Instagram to see more 🙂This centerpiece has a WOODEN BASE, DOUBLE DOUBLE image, and is fully decorated just like in the picture! Comes FULL ASSEMBLE for quick and easy setup, making it the perfect choice for themed party tables. The colors and character make this centerpiece perfect for adding a touch of fun and celebration.

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You will receive the image(s) on both sides. This option gives you two individual images. It’s a mirror image, put back on one wooden dowel!

Centerpieces come complete and decorated as pictured, no need to purchase additional items for assembly or decoration. This saves time and money. When you receive it, just remove it from the box and it’s ready to be displayed.

These pieces make a stunning statement, and are not found in wedding stores – they are one of a kind and will certainly create conversation amongst your guests. I can confidently say that your partygoers will want to keep these things to themselves.

Our items are designed for durability, and provide excellent long-term value. These pieces can not only be brought to guests as souvenirs, but can also be kept as decorative elements in the children’s playroom or bedroom.

Sesame Street Elmo Dangling Swirl Decorations Birthday Party Supplies Favor

EVERY PRODUCT IS CAREFULLY PROCESSED, PACKAGED AND SHIPPED FROM OUR WAREHOUSE. We pay attention to DETAIL and try to provide only the best quality work. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please Read – This listing is dedicated to creative time and service to create your item. All copyrights and trademarks of the character images used belong to them and are not for sale. This item is not a licensed product and we do not claim ownership for the characters used. Thanks! I review the product independently and recommend it only if I have a positive experience. That being said, if you purchase anything after clicking the links provided, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Don’t want to read the whole post? I got you! Visit the Amazon storefront for the link here:

Sesame Street Birthday Party Decorations

Before Idris was born, my mom and I already had our first birthday theme! We thought it would be baseball themed. Fast forward a few months

Payton’s Second Birthday! {sesame Street} — Anna Grace Photography

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