Mario Birthday Decor

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Mario and Luigi are ready for an adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s easy to create a colorful birthday party in record time with these ideas and decorations.

Mario Birthday Decor

Mario Birthday Decor

Let your superstar shine on his special day with this great birthday outfit! Your birthday boy will jump like Mario when he sees this Super Mario costume. The overalls, hat and mustache make him look like a video game star.

Super Mario Birthday Party Kit

Want to make him feel more special? All eyes will be on the birthday boy with this Super Mario shirt and accessories. A Super Mario baseball hat and matching ribbon are a fun addition to his birthday outfit.

Mario and Luigi in your seats! You can create 6 cool chairs with Mario and Luigi party hats, Super Mario mustaches and some rotating decorations. Best of all, sticky mustaches and party hats double as party favors to keep them entertained while they wait for the cake!

Custom invitations and thank you notes are the way to go in the Mushroom Kingdom! Imagine the excitement of their friends when they see a picture of their friend surrounded by Mario and Luigi on this exclusive invitation. Their friends will be counting down the days until Mario’s time!

Start the adventure! Welcome guests to a festive adventure with Super Mario accessories. Kids will be entertained with Super Mario mustaches and hats. Once they see their fun costumes, they’ll be running and jumping all over the party! And the accessories in our kit make a great party favor too!

Super Mario Inspired Birthday Decorations Personalised Printables Mario Cart Party Decorations, Super Mario Party, 1st Birthday Party

You don’t need Luigi’s help to decorate your space — with just a few items you’re ready for a festive adventure. With a banner, domed decoration and centerpiece, Mario, Yoshi and the whole gang will hang from the ceiling covering the table! It’s even easier to take your decorating to the next level with our decorating tools.

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Power up with Super Mario Bucket! These awesome favor kits include a Power-Pulse filled with Super Mario favors. These buckets are also great for pinata time. With these goodies they will be even taller than Yoshi.

Bowser wants to have fun with this mug! Level up with the Super Mario Party Cup Kit. All you have to do is fill each plastic cup with Super Mario Party Favors! After a day of running around with cool toys, they can use the cup to drink a cool drink. Check out more inexpensive ideas that will have kids jumping for joy just like Mario!

Mario Birthday Decor

Speed ​​up the crafting of favors with a pack of Super Mario Party Favors. Each kit includes Super Mario favors and toys for up to eight guests. Just slip them into matching goodie bags and write each superstar’s name on top. What’s even better is that they’re so easy to do, you’ll feel like you’ve gained strength!

Super Mario Birthday Party Featuring Princess Peach

Get everyone excited for the party! Our invitation kit includes cool tattoos and confetti that can help your little one add to the Super Mario invitations. Ask guests to wear their new tattoos to the party! Once they see the starry surprise on their invitations, it will light up!

Enter the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario-approved decorations and tableware! With our party kits you can create the adventurous world of Mario right at home.

Take them to the Mushroom Kingdom. Setting the scene for unforgettable memories and photos is easy with our Super Mario Photoshoot Kit. A set designer transforms the walls into the Mushroom Kingdom. All you have to do is add some balloons and get ready to take photos! Sunglasses, headboppers and beads make great photo booth props.

Keep the magical surprises going and thank them with a fun keepsake. Include an action-packed photo in Super Mario at your party. Don’t forget the confetti to add a starry surprise!

Super Mario Party Fun! 12 Creative Ideas (part 2) // Hostess With The Mostess®

Partygoers will run for piñata time. Pinata time is quick and easy with our pre-made kit. Simply choose your piñata – pull rope or traditional – then grab some treat boxes and let the game begin! You can even make it a competition to see who can collect the most in their bucket. Check out our selection of piñata kits or create your own.

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Let the explorers of the Mushroom Kingdom replenish with a healthy treat. Mix in some frozen peaches, juice and yogurt and you have a Princess Peach Smoothie. Slide in a mustache straw and they’re ready to drink this delicious smoothie. We sprinkled some gold coins on the table for a wonderful touch!

Speed ​​up the decorating process with this star-worthy idea. You just need some balloons and a Super Star Pinata. This is a party decoration and game. When it’s piñata time, hang it on the tree and you’re ready for action. Use our decorating kit and

Mario Birthday Decor

Just like a superstar in the game, these fruit cups will energize your little one. It’s very easy! Choose your favorite fruit and fill the treat cups — we chose blueberries and melons. Then use a cookie cutter or knife to cut star-shaped pineapple chunks on top with toothpicks. Looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate your child’s next birthday? Look no further than a super mario themed party! With its colorful characters and iconic visuals, Super Mario Party is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. For my oldest daughter’s 5th birthday we hosted a Super Mario birthday party and had so much fun! In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite Super Mario birthday party DIY ideas and free downloads of the party printables I’ve created. With a little creativity and planning, your Super Mario Party is sure to be a memorable and fun party!

A Modern Super Mario Birthday Party — Emelbe Design

When planning a Super Mario themed birthday party, invitations and printables are an essential part of the planning process. I recommend starting with the invitations, as they set the tone for the entire party.

There are many options for Super Mario invitations, from store bought to DIY. With a little creativity, you can make your own unique invitations that will get your guests excited for the party.

In addition to invitations, printables are a fun and frugal way to add a special touch to any party. I’m sharing the printables I created for my daughter’s party at the end of this post. Also check out these coloring sheets and this printable Super Mario Bingo game!

If you’re looking to throw a Super Mario themed birthday party, creating your own homemade decorations is a great way to add a personal touch to the party. Here are some ideas for creating your own Super Mario themed party decorations.

Micah’s Mario Themed Birthday Party!

One way to bring the world of Super Mario to life is to create a Super Mario scene using PVC pipes and cardboard cutouts. You can create a background of pipes and boxes and then add cutouts of characters like Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. You can also add question blocks and mushrooms to complete the scene.

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I found PVC pipes at our local hardware store and spray painted them green. Using blue and green disposable plastic tablecloths, I created this fun scene as a backdrop for my daughter’s party. I also added stars, coins (gold foil plates) and clouds to complete the look.

Another way to add to the Super Mario theme is to create your own boxes to use as decorations. Boxes are pretty cheap and can even be free if you’re lucky! You can use cardboard boxes and paint them to look like question mark blocks or brick blocks. I made a full brick entrance for our guests to walk through. Additionally, I made some small boxes and thumb tacked them to the wall above our dining room table.

Mario Birthday Decor

A birthday party is not complete without a happy birthday banner. To make a Super Mario themed banner, you can create your own letters using cardboard or foam board and paint them in the colors of the Super Mario characters. You can also add stars and mushrooms to the banner to make it more festive.

Super Mario Kart Tournament Birthday Bash

Overall, creating your own DIY Super Mario themed party decorations is a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your party. With a little creativity and some basic craft supplies, you can create a memorable party that your guests will love.

Looking for fun and easy DIY party games to entertain your guests at your Super Mario birthday party? Look no further! Here are some great ideas that will make everyone feel like they are part of the game.

One of the most popular games in the Mario franchise is Mario Kart, so why not bring that excitement to your party? Here are some ideas:

It’s the easiest way to incorporate Super Mario into your party

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