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Decorated Table For Birthday – If there’s one recent trend that I absolutely love, it might be the muted rainbow trend. Don’t get me wrong, I love bright and vibrant rainbow colors as much as anyone, but there’s something about the soft boho feel of more subdued colors that makes me feel relaxed and happy. So I was excited to design a muted rainbow dessert table for a client’s daughter’s first birthday party recently. Filled with soothing muted colors and beautiful organic elements, this dessert table style is perfect for birthday parties, showers or any celebration. Read on for all the details!

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Decorated Table For Birthday

Decorated Table For Birthday

I love having a place that welcomes guests and sets the scene and tone for the party decor. For this party, I used a light natural wood A-shaped clipboard sign with a simple “Happy First Birthday Myla” written in white on brown paper. To accentuate the muted rainbow theme, I added a woven macrame rainbow in the corner.

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I added some additional themed decor under the dessert table. I assembled some bamboo storage baskets of different sizes and added another wicker rainbow. Then I put palms in front of her, painted in rather muted tones, and cardboard letters that wrote the age of the birthday girl – ONE.

On the table itself, I made sure to include a variety of natural baskets, bowls, containers and stands, as well as additional woven rainbows. I added some pretty flowers in soft reds to add an organic look to the party. Some bright pink fabric added a whimsical feel to the table.

The centerpiece of the table was a beautiful cake from Sweet Carousel Cakes, covered in perfect muted rainbow frosting and covered in delicious macarons and frostings that matched the muted colors. Gold accents and a pretty pale pink “1” on the side added elegance to the boho feel of the cake. I placed it on top of an overturned rattan basket for height and visibility on the table.

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Along with the cake, I also arranged delicious desserts, all of which matched the color scheme of the party. I used wooden trays front and center to display a mix of small desserts, almost like a dessert grazing board.

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However, some desserts were too beautiful to mix and deserve to stand out. So I set up some mini stands to display some awesome themed cupcakes from Westlake Bakes.

To add more themed elements to the dessert displays, I used lots of muted rainbow dessert covers and really cute “one” lollipops from Luna Lollipops.

I also set up a few stands of various sizes and heights to display more desserts – dark chocolate covered donuts and pretzels.

Decorated Table For Birthday

For easy-to-grab drinks at the dessert table, we placed mini water bottles wrapped in muted rainbow labels, polka dot straws wrapped in muted rainbow straw flags.

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The final piece that completes this dessert table is a place where the guest of honor can enjoy it all! We accessorized her high chair with a cute muted Rainbow ONE banner and some matching edging. We glued the sweet personalized muted rainbow jumpsuit Myla wore to her party from Kiss Hug Design to the back of the chair.

If you’re in the Austin, Texas area and need help planning any or all of your parties, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Location: There were many options, but ultimately Georgie was at the top of my list! I’ve been to their lovely cafe for coffee and brunch and I’m obsessed with their blue and white plates. There were a few other places I considered, but I was so impressed with the immediate courtesy and customer service I received when I presented my table decoration idea that this was the place. Georgie’s Montage is a new restaurant in Beverly Hills, replacing the former Scarpetta location. I have to admit I was drawn in by the beautiful decor and gorgeous ambiance, but I was really impressed by the delicious food and service. I ordered the salmon and we all shared the most delicious sweet and savory bread. Most of my friends ordered the Dover Sole and couldn’t stop talking about it. But I have to say the martini cart is at the top of my list, so chic, just incredibly chic. Thank goodness I had at least one friend brave enough to order a martini (or two) so we could experience the cart! Two of my friends loved the Spring Meringue and Georgie Gerber cocktails. I opted for the less sweet version of the Paloma which was basically just tequila, soda and a dash of grapefruit juice and it was delicious!

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Art Birthday Party

Table: This was surprisingly, the first table I ever decorated! I wasn’t sure what look I wanted, so I bought a bunch of things I liked. Next time I’ll definitely make sure everything fits before I buy, but I think it’s fine, so no complaints! I knew the restaurant had blue and white signs, so I started there. I wanted to place green palm leaves on the plate to complement the blue and white which I really like. I knew I wanted pink flowers, unfortunately peonies are out of season and hard to find, so I settled for some pink roses and found these wonderful little pom pom lavender flowers, unfortunately I can’t find the official name. Instead of using vases, I scattered lavender branches and placed rose heads in the crevices. I then placed battery operated copper lamps on the table. In hindsight, I would have gone with a clear string or small individual lights so the copper wire wouldn’t show, but hey, you live and learn! For the place cards, I had a great idea to use miniature pineapples (most grocery stores sell them, mine was from Ralph’s) and amine flags. If you can’t find a similar flag, I recommend sticking a toothpick into the back of regular card to attach to the pineapple. I wrote (well, my friend wrote because my handwriting is terrible) everyone’s name with a piece of metal gold on the flag and stuck the flag to the pineapple. Wallah, a super chic placemat is made!

Treats: As usual, I ordered my absolute favorite marble cake from Susie’s! This year I decided to have Drake on the cake – a cake with Drake’s lyrics made famous by this awesome Instagram account for those of you who aren’t hip. I had so many options but in the end I chose “wellness good life” because why not haha. So happy with how it turned out and the consistent slice of heaven that Susiecake always delivers! The candles I found might be my favorite detail! These blue and white marble candles are very elegant and come in a few different colors. I couldn’t get enough of it! As party favors I gave all my friends some delicious cellophane wrapped macaroons and tied them with baby blue pom pom fabric. As much as I like the idea, I think it’s a lot of cellophane for me, and combining baby pink and baby blue is a little too baby. It’s still not enough! If you’re envious of these beautiful party tables on Pinterest and don’t know where to start, follow these 5 simple and low-key steps to decorate a beautiful table and look like a pro:

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How do you get started? After defining the theme and color palette, you can move on to the next steps and start capturing your decorative objects. Mix and match your theme with pattern to add visual interest and style to your party! Make sure your decor has a cohesive color story.

Decorated Table For Birthday

They add beauty, color and volume to any table or decor, so don’t miss them!! Choosing the type and color of flowers depends on your theme and color palette, as you need to coordinate them to achieve a harmonious result. If you’re not sure how to make flower arrangements, keep it simple and add a dozen of the same flowers to a vase.

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As for the size and scale, it should follow the size of the table, vases and decorative items. Make sure you have at least 2 tall flower/foliage arrangements. You can add

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